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Specialist industrial castors to trade and public

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Castors are basically made in two types being either swivel or fixed but with hundreds of possible variations or optional extras available to suit specific applications. SWIVEL CASTORS are able to turn through 360 degrees, whereas FIXED CASTORS just follow the direction they are fitted to the product by.

The basic castors have a flat top plate with holes drilled to accept mounting screws, but they can also have numerous types of fittings such as, Bolt Hole , Expanding Adaptor Castors, Threaded stem Castors, Plate Fitting Castors, Wood socket castors, Solid stem castors, Jacking castors, Towcastors, Hospital castors, Square tubular expanding adaptor castors, Round expanding adaptor castors, Special designer fitting castors, Industrial Castors, plus a large variety of optional extras and special fittings for all types of applications for every conceivable application. The following are just a few of the available extras. Braked castors/ Combined swivel and wheel brake castors/ sealed head castors/high temperature castors/directional lock castors/
Thread guard castors/ twin wheel castors/shock absorbing castors/ spring loaded castors/antistatic castors/non marking castors/

The following list is just a small example of the types of castors available and the various applications and industries in which they are used.
Furniture castors/ light duty castors/medium duty castors/ heavy duty castors/extra heavy duty castors/hospital castors/ bed castors /catering trolley castors/institutional castors/ball transfer castors /Glass industry castors/stainless castors/Fabricated castors/scaffolding castors/supermarket trolley castors/aircraft handling castors/ Pneumatic castors /heat resistant castors/ high temperature castors/cricket cover castors/ garden equipment castors/ hotel trolley castors/ offshore rig trolley castors/motor industry handling castors/boat launching castors/A Frame castors/ Gantry castors/ Container castors/ display castors/ point of sale castors/ Spring loaded castors/ Baggage handling castors/bank cash trolley castors/piano trolley castors.

Product Program

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Product Programm
The flexible standard range: 20,000 wheel and castor types

Light duty castors and wheels

Synthetic and designer swivel brackets

Wheels and castors with standard solid black rubber tyres and thermoplastic rubber tyres

Wheels and castors with soft rubber tyres and semi-elastic solid rubber tyres

Heavy duty wheels and castors with elastic solid rubber tyres

Wheels and castors with pneumatic tyres

Heavy duty wheels and castors with super-elastic solid rubber tyres

Wheels and castors with injection-moulded polyurethane tread

Heavy duty wheels and castors with cast polyurethane tread Blickle Softhane®

Heavy duty wheels and castors with cast polyurethane tread Blickle Extrathane®

Nylon wheels and castors, polypropylene wheels and castors

Heavy duty nylon wheels and castors

Cast iron wheels and castors

Extra heavy duty solid steel wheels

Flanged wheels and castors

Stainless-steel castors

Heat-resistant wheels and castors

Spring-loaded heavy duty castors

Rollers and wheels for pallet trucks

Wheels and tyres for forklift trucks

Guide rollers

Special versions

Light duty wheels and castors.

These wheels and castors are light and mainly used with appliances and equipment for internal applications. The load capacities are within the range required for this type of application (max. 180 kg). These wheels and castors are designed for travelling speeds of up to 3 km/h. The design and surface treatment means our light duty wheels and castors are extremely resistant to
unfavourable environmental influences.They fulfil all requirements for maximum manoeuverability of the respective appliances as well as for maximum smooth rolling performance at low rolling
resistances. These can be equipped with wheel and swivel brakes. Typical application areas are medical equipment, display bases, equipment for large-scale catering establishments, etc..

Wheels and castors for transport equipment.

WHEELS AND CASTORS for transport equipment cover the widest area of application and are used in the industrial sector, both indoors and outdoors. They are designed for travelling speeds of up to 4 km/h. The maximum load capacities amount to 900 kg. Transport equipment
wheels and castors are resistant to environmental influences, largely maintenance-free and run trouble-free over a long period of time. Wheels and castors for transport equipment can be equipped with wheel or swivel brakes and directional locks. Equipment of all kinds, including pallets, working platforms, waste containers, etc. owe their mobility to these wheels and castors.

Heavy duty wheels and castors

HEAVY DUTY WHEELS AND CASTORS are used to move heavy and extremely heavy loads. Therefore, they have a much sturdier design and are under certain circumstances suitable for higher travelling speeds. To move extremely heavy loads, two-wheel castors are used (double swivel and fixed castors). This results in a higher load capacity and improved mobility because of the differential effect. For applications with very heavy loads, the wheels and castors are available in a rugged welded steel design. The wheels and swivel heads are fittedwith particularly sturdy bearings. Heavy duty swivel castors can generally be equipped with wheel or swivel brakes and directional locks. Spring-loaded heavy duty castors are used if weight dependent levelling and vibration-free transport of fragile goodsare required. These castors ensure a safe and permanent mobility, e.g. for storage and industrial trucks as well as for special assembly and transport systems.

Swivel castors

SWIVEL CASTORS are vertically rotatable and make appliances, etc. manoeuvrable. A fork (swivel fork) is fitted to the top plate of a swivel bearing (swivel head). The fitting element is firmly fixed to the appliance while the fork remains rotatable. To enable a smooth swivel motion of the fork, the wheel is generally fitted with a horizontal distance between the axis of the swivel bearing and the wheel. This distance is called offset and, if correctly dimensioned, allows a smooth
swivelling of the castor without additional tools as well as directional stability. Swivel castors can be equipped with brake systems to lock the rotary motion of the wheel (wheel brake), the rotary motion of the wheel and the swivel motion of the fork (wheel and swivel brake), the swivel motion of the fork (directional lock). The most frequently used fitting elements for swivel castors are top plates, steel stems for tubes and bolts for bolt hole fitting via the underside of
the swivel bracket

Fixed castors

FIXED CASTORS provide directional stability for, appliances, etc. and cannot be swivelled. Generally, top plates have proven to be the most frequently used fitting elements.

Bolt hole castors

Bolt hole castor has a centre hole to enable fitting to a unit by means of a headed bolt or similar. It is ideal for fitting to a predrilled unit which has to be painted /galvanized/ coated or finished without the castor in place. It is also ideal for supplying with flat pack units to save space.
The single bolt hole fit castors are ideal for manufacturers of trolley dollys carts where restricted fastening access is required. The single bolt hole range of castors can be bolted directly to a flat surface or in conjunction with square and round tube expanders can be fitted directly into the ends of tub saving valuable manufacturing time.Stainless steel castors can be cleaned with steam or water based detergents and eliminates the fear of rust.

Expanding adaptor castors

Expanding adaptor castor is identical to the bolt hole castor except that the expanding adaptor is fitted to the bolt going through the castor. It is mainly used to fit into various round or square tubes of differing bore sizes, once the adaptor is pushed into the tube the head of the bolt is tightened which expands the adaptor tight into the tube. Again this is ideal for predrilled units which have to be painted /galvanized/coated or finished without the castors in place. It is also ideal for supplying with flat pack units to save space.

Threaded stem castor

Threaded stem castor is similar to the bolt hole castor except that it has a solid threaded stem protruding from the top of the castor. This threaded stem is pushed through a predrilled hole in the unit and secured by a captive lock nut or threaded bolt hole in the unit. Again this is ideal for units which have to be painted /galvanized/ coated or finished without the castors in place. It is also ideal for supplying with flat pack units to save space

Plate fitting castor

Plate fitting castors have a square or oblong flat top plate with four predrilled fixing holes. There is a variety of top plates with various hole centers. These castors are mainly used for fitting to a unit with a flat base unit and also give extra support to the unit base. They are available right through the range and sizes from light duty up to extra heavy duty, and are available with a variety of optional extras.

Solid stem castor

Solid stem castors have a solid stem fitting which is manufactured in a variety of sizes and types. It main application is where the castor is to be fitted into a tube or similar
Application and the stem is inserted into the tube and held in place by either a locking screw or by a spring plunger, which makes the fitting and removal a quick and simple operation. A typical example of special stem castors would be those used in the scaffolding industry.

Jacking castor

Jacking castors have an integral screw jacking system with a variable lift size of between 75mm and 150mm.The normal method of fitting is by means of the side plate which is an integral part of the castor body. They have a load capacity up to 2500kg per castor.


Towcastors are designed specially for the ISO freight container industry. They are fitted with a special ISO Adaptor which lock into the corner brackets of the container and are available as a swivel or fixed castor. They are also available as a complete system, incorporating a tow bar and ancillary equipment, these systems have a max load capacity of 12Tonnes

Hospital castors

Special castors are available for hospitals, they range from special hospital bed castors to theatre trolleys , patient trolleys, oxygen and gas trolleys etc. They are available with a large permutation of wheels such as nylon /rub non marking / anti static and specially designed fittings.

Stainless steel castor

Stainless steel castors are made specifically for applications where moisture is a major problem or where there is a requirement for the castors or unit to be able to be washed or steam cleaned. They are used extensively in the food and ancillary trades and increasingly in the medical profession, oil and chemical industries, laundry industry but are now being requested for numerous other specialist applications.

High temperature castor

High temperature castors are available for a variety industries such as Bakeries and industries where the castors is subject to abnormal temperatures for prolonged periods. Basically the castor head is fitted with high temp grease and would have a sealed swivel unit and would be fitted with special high temperature wheels.
These castors are supplied generally to suit a specific environment as there are numerous factors to be considered.

Castors for special applications

Castors for special applications are available and though not listed individually are available to suit a variety of specialist applications. It is often the case that special requirements can be met by a slight modification to a standard product.

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